Nintendo Switch Sale lists Two Incredible Games Below 5$

Nintendo Drops Prices on Fantastic Games

Ah, the classic gaming sale – where a specific storefront lists several games at low prices, with a few token highlights getting really low prices. And Nintendo’s latest wave of price-cuts are something special.

Ever heard of Celeste? If you frequent certain corners of the internet, you absolutely should. The game has become a legendary platformer, with a fantastic story to boot. And right now, you can buy it for 4$.

Our own review of the game gave it a 93/100. For reference, that’s just two points shy of the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Complete Edition. Retro platformers may be a populous trope (especially on Nintendo consoles) at this point, but don’t let that aesthetic turn you away: Celeste is something special – life-changing, for some. And if you want to know how a “simple” platformer could get a score that high, well, the answer is just 4$ away.

Celeste hero image

And that’s the more expensive one of the two games we’ll talk about here. The other entry is Rogue Legacy. And, well… ever wonder where the “Roguelike” genre got its name? You now know who to thank. They’re accepting tributes as low as 3$, and for your money you can add a piece of gaming history to your collection.

Rogue Legacy is an older game at this point, being initially released in 2013. If you wanna feel really old, that’s back when Chuck Norris was considered hilarious. The franchises has long since expanded beyond Rogue Legacy, so if you like this game, you can find more!

So, will you diving into this Nintendo Switch sale? How do you feel about them? We’d love to hear from you in the comments down below!