Rogue Legacy and Full Metal Furies Coming To Switch

It’s a Cellar Door Extravaganza

Welcome back to part 94 of our ongoing segment, ‘Make Everything a Switch Game.’ This week starts Rogue Legacy and Full Metal Furies, the two most recent releases from Cellar Door Games. These excellent titles will be the newest offerings to the Nintendo Switch’s yawning jaws this November.

Full Metal Furies bullets

Rogue Legacy is a terrific roguelike that absorbed all my free time back in 2013. You play an endless stream of warriors over a string of cross-generational attempts on the evil lord’s castle. Every death means a new set of traits are passed on to the next warrior in your noble line. Some of them are awesome, but I never got those traits. Instead I kept passing on Tourette’s and dwarfism. Genes are funny that way.

Full Metal Furies is a 4-player puzzle brawler, which sounds like madness. Unlike Rogue Legacy, there’s a heavy focus on co-op. Certain enemies have very specific weaknesses, meaning you need to work with your partners if you want to survive. I know I sound like an insufferable broken record saying this, but hot damn this sounds like a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch. Both games will be coming to the hybrid console on November 6th, 2018.