Newest Humble Bundle Full of WB Games

Get Your Mad Max and Your Mordor Right Here

The latest Humble Bundle is full of WB games! Whether you’re looking for Batman, Mad Max or Middle Earth, this might be the sale for you. Like all good Humble Bundles, the price starts low and stays that way.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor is an absolute steal for a single dollar. Since the sale is so fresh at present, the average buy-in is still fairly low as well. If you act quick, you can still snag seven pretty decent games for under $5 USD. Injustice: Gods Among Us is still on the crazy cheap end, for example.

Rounding out the $12 USD tier is Batman: Arkham Knight and all of its DLC. All told, it’s a pretty good haul for your hard-earned money. Personally, I’m rather tempted by the presence of Arkham Knight. Origins is fine and all, but I’d rather experience the proper end of that terrific trilogy, as opposed to an okay side dish. The sale runs from now until November 6th. As always, a portion of the proceeds go to charity. You know, just in case you were looking for a little extra incentive to bust out your credit card.