Children of Silentown Announces Release With Brand New Trailer

The Night Brings Danger

It’s time to enter a world of isolation, fear, and monsters. It’s now time to enter Silentown. Today, Elf Games and Luna2 Studio, as well as, Daedalic Entertainment are happy to announce the release of their adventure game, Children of Silentown. Out now on PC and consoles, the game is a dark point-and-click adventure set in a mysterious world. A press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, players can check out a brand new release trailer that delivers some very Tim Burton-esque vibes. 

children of silentown key art

Children of Silentown introduces players to Lucy. Growing up in a secluded village full of monsters, Lucy has been haunted by horrific nightmares. But why? Of course, it falls to Lucy to discover the mysteries that are surrounding, not only her but, the whole town.  During the day players are able to spend time with Lucy’s friends and mother. However, nightfall is a whole different story. The darkness brings danger and evil. Lucy was told she must never enter the forest, especially at night. Yet, following a tragedy she has no choice. 

Of course, players will be able to explore a beautifully dark world. A world as distinct and unique as any, but equally as dark. Players can check out the new release trailer below. 

Children of Silentown is out now on on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Currently the game is available for $23.39. So, are you ready to delve into the mysteries of Silentown? Beware, you aren’t alone in the dark.