Retrospace, Disco-Punk Horror, Announced by The Wild Gentlemen

Welcome to Hell on a Space Station

It’s not everyday that the space station you’re on gets sucked into a black hole. It’s also not everyday said space station becomes full with horrible mutations. Today, developer The Wild Gentlemen are happy to announce their space-horror, FPS, Retrospace. Currently under development, Retrospace is bringing all of the horror of a grimdark tale to players. Of course, a press release provides more information about the game. Additionally, a teaser video gives players a look at what awaits them on the station. 


Retrospace introduces players to Aurora 5, a space station and humanity’s latest home. Players step into the shows of a simple janitor who turns out to be humanity’s last hope. Horrendous mutations break out on Aurora 5 after a black hole sucks the station in. Importantly, you are still alive. However, you now need to stay alive amidst a swarm of mutants and time itself going mad. 

The game allows players to explore the vastness of the space station, approaching the horrors that await them however they choose. Will you engage the enemy head-on? Or are you more into stealth?  How you survive is your choice. Of course, you will have the opportunity to enhance your combat and stealth abilities with special mutations. See, not all mutations are bad. However, they may have some nasty side effects so don’t say you weren’t warned. 

Of course, players can check out the new announcement trailer for a look at the game. 

Retrospace is currently in development with no release date in sight. So, players need to keep their eyes peeled for more information. Of course, you can wish list the game currently on Steam