Severed Steel Update Adds New Weapons, Mutators, and Ways of Playing

Going Rogue

2021’s Severed Steel is an action packed, fast paced, cyberpunk shooter. It received updates and console releases through 2022 and there is still more steel to sever. The newest Rogue Steel update added quite a few things that will shake up the game a bit.

Developer Digerati released a short video summing up the additions this update makes. There are new mutators. For instance, Super Wall Run allows Steel to climb higher when wall-running, rather than slowly fall. Another called Perfect Accuracy makes all shots 100% accurate, if you could crack that code.

Severed Steel

New weapons have been added in this update. The trailer shows them off in combat. There is a new revolver, pump action shotgun, pistol, SMG, and assault rifle. In Severed Steel, Steel’s right hand fires her gun, while her left is… well a cannon. The cannon can be swapped out for different ways of firing. Rogue Steel adds a Cutting Beam cannon, which is a continuous laser.

For Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, a new control scheme has been added. Since they both have gyro capabilities, you can aim with your controller. This method is completely optional, thank goodness.

The truth is, Rogue Steel has been out for a while. It came out on PC in October and then on consoles a couple of weeks ago. Funny how a trailer just released today. However, the PS5 version did come out recently.

Severed Steel is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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