This Enigmatic Game is Nearly Free on the Nintendo Switch eShop

An Everlasting Nintendo Switch Mystery for Just 2$

The Nintendo Switch eShop plays host to a variety of games, from new releases to classic darlings. A member of that latter category has just found an incredible sale on the platform – clocking in at just 2$. What’s the game? Well, you’ll just have to check Inside the shop to find out!

Get it? Because the game is Inside? I am funny and hilarious and also very cool.

Playdead’s Inside is a fantastic little puzzle/adventure game. Set in a mysterious world filled with science experiments and mind control, this game creates an unforgettable experience – one that answers many questions but leaves you with many more.


You can see our own review of the game here, with a quick snippet below if you want general impressions. It’s high praise, and if the game’s premise interests you, it’s worth digging further. Inside will see you doing a lot of that, in your search for answers.

As Inside begins you immediately assume control of an unnamed boy as he journeys across a vast distance avoiding various dangers including rabid dogs and masked soldiers. The story isn’t conveyed in the traditional sense, you’re not told what’s happening. Instead, you see the world around you and what’s happening to its people, and ultimately it’s left to your own interpretation. It’s a refreshing take on storytelling because in this case the story truly isn’t the point, the journey is. And there’s no denying, this journey is dark. You’ll see a society that has collapsed into a struggle between those in power, and those without – and the power side is clearly winning, turning the less fortunate into gruesome science experiments.

It is unknown how long the sale will last, so if this game interests you, a 2$ pickup on the Nintendo Switch eShop really can’t be beat.