Tencent Games Shows Off Gameplay For Honor of Kings: World

Tencent Games Shows Off Gameplay For Honor of Kings: World

Tencent Games has partnered with TiMi Studio Group to release an action RPG, Honor of Kings: World. Tencent Games is a major video game publisher as the company behind the League of Legends universe. The two companies have now released the game’s first gameplay trailer. Unfortunately, at this stage, the developers have not yet confirmed the game’s release date nor platforms for its release. Honor of Kings is one of the highest grossing mobile games in China.

In the game, players will be able to master a variety of skills as they navigate through a wide and expansive world. The game offers a unique experience with various characters, dialogue to engage in and much more. Moreover, the gameplay trailer offers players a first look at various aspects of the game. Players will be able to glide across the map using a cool mechanic. This feature will allow for puzzle solving and a ton of potential options in exploration. Additionally, the trailer goes on to show off the game’s fast-paced combat, as the protagonist fights against various monsters.

Thus far, Honor of Kings: World appears to have a ton of potential. The game seems to have a lot more time in development, which is great news for fans as it can be improved and expanded. At this stage, the combat and movement across the map looks smooth and engaging.

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