Action RPG Honor of Kings: World Confirmed For Worldwide Release

Action RPG Honor of Kings: World Confirmed For Worldwide Release 

Tencent Games is one of the biggest video game publishers in the world, that blew up in popularity following the release of the instant hit, League of Legends. Tencent Games has since then invested in and acquired various video game companies and been responsible for a host of titles such from mobile game to mainstays in video game culture. Tencent Games teamed up with TiMi Studio Group to announce that Honors of Kings: World will be heading to multiple platforms. Unfortunately, the companies are yet to confirm a release date for the game.

Honors of King is a competitive game that is currently available on iOS and Android. It originally launched in China in 2015 and is one of the highest grossing video games of all time, with soaring popularity. It is clear that Tencent Games have now seen it fit to bring the game onto the other platforms.

The game’s three minute trailer shows fans a ton of gameplay, though in modern times fans should be careful about trailers and genuine gameplay. The trailer begins with narration and a relaxed scene on a boat before a massive monster spawns out of the water. The trailer then shows off the game’s fast-paced, fluid combat as well as a some cool graphics and monster design. Before closing, the trailer highlights players soaring in the sky on a mount, with a massive city on the horizon.

The companies are also working with Liu Cixi, a science-fiction writer known for The Three-Body Problem and more. Liu Cixi has been brought in to bring an authentic, genuine Chinese feel to Honor of Kings: World, including its aesthetic and culture.

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