Starfield Players Will No Longer Run Out of Fuel

Starfield Devs “Dialled Back”

Starfield is due for launch early next year. Fortunately for the game’s waiting fans, Todd Howard provided more details about what they can expect once the game is available in the market. He provided specifics on how the star systems are going to be structured and what features have been “dialled back” for being too hardcore.

starfield finishing itouches

With Bethesda’s current technology, Starfield can easily have “a hundred planets or a thousand or a million planets.” All the players will have to do is to “press the button.” However, the development team behind the game does not want to take away from the actual experience of the game. 

We have dialled it back,” Howard said. “You used to run out of fuel, jump out, you get stranded—on paper it is a great moment.” Whenever players got unluckily stranded, they had to call a beacon and wait for whoever turns up.

Unfortunately, players oftentimes found themselves out of fuel. With no fuel, they have no choice but to visit the planets that are nearby to mine for fuel resources. “It is a fun killer,” Howard added. There were also hints that devs may add some type of a more hardcore survival mode after the game’s full release.

With regards to Starfield’s systems, it will feature the same structure that many RPG’s today have. The game is following this traditional approach in world-arranging. “We do level the systems, when you enter you will see this is a level 40 system,” Howard continued. “Like when you look at a map in a game it says ‘this is the area for low level’ basis’—so we do that on a system basis.”


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