Bethesda Is ‘Putting Finishing Touches’ on Starfield

Starfield Devs Are Just Polishing the Game Now

Starfield is Bethesda’s upcoming space-faring RPG. Devs decided to delay its launch to 2023 earlier this year. However, Executive Producer Todd Howard has revealed to the gaming public that they are now “putting the finishing touches” on the game.

It has come to light that Starfield devs were “extremely worried” about the game prior to its delay. According to a former member of the development team, the engine that is being used for the game is “a piece of crap.” The gaming community understands that devs usually delay certain games for more time for development. However, it does not sound like switching engines should be part of the “finishing touches” process.

starfield finishing itouches

Still, alleged engine troubles aside, Howard is quite confident that Starfield will be a huge opportunity for the company. “Players out there can experience what we are creating,” he said. “Get it to more people around the world and in so any different ways than really we ever have before.”

Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer was always vocal about what he thought about Starfield. “When I think about the platform that we are building, we are building a platform that can reach billions of players,” Spencer added. “Whether it is on console, whether it is on PC, whether it is through Xbox Cloud streaming.”

Starfield fans already know that the game will launch as an exclusive for PC and Xbox Series X/S/. Unfortunately, devs did not provide any explanation on what pushed them to delay the project. Plus, they did not set a new official release date in stone. According to multiple sources, however, the game is due for release within “the first half of 2023.”

The Starfield devs are reportedly excited about “being able to do something that really takes the advantage of Xbox. Apparently, they are hyped about “being able to do something that really takes advantage of Xbox on the machines themselves with Series S and X,” devs added. “As well as knowing that anyone who is going to play the game can play it on PC or xCloud or whatever screens they are on.”