Stormgate Is New Unreal Engine 5 RTS Game From Blizzard Veterans

Stormgate Is the Debut Game From Former Blizzard Vets

Stormgate is a free-to-play real-time strategy game from Frost Giant Studios. For those who do not know, this studio is actually a new one that was founded by former Blizzard veterans. They just announced their debut title and confirmed that it will run on Unreal Engine 5.

We are building Stormgate for the real-time strategy community—past, present, and future,” said CEO and Production Director Tim Morten. “Our vision is to create a social experience that breaks down the barriers that have kept people away to welcome back players who have been waiting for the next great RTS and to prove that the RTS genre can thrive once again.”

stormgate unreal engine 5 rts blizzard veterans

Taking a look at the team working on Stormgate, fans may not be surprised when it turns out to look like the Warcraft 4 that Blizzard never made—despite its science fiction aesthetic. The upcoming game will have a futuristic setting. It will have a post-apocalyptic Earth setting where humans are struggling to survive amidst an epic conflict against an alien threat.

During the announcement, Frost Giant revealed to the gaming public that Stormgate will have two races. The first one will be the mech-riding humans, while the second one will be the demonic infernal host. However, they did say that they will add more races over time.

It will also have different multiplayer options for players to choose from. They can choose a 3vE co-op game mode, in addition to other co-op and competitive choices like 1v1 ranked and team-based 3v3. According to Frost Giant, Stormgate will be the “next generation esport.” They are working on “high skill ladder matchmaking and competitive tournaments accessible directly from within the game.” However, it remains unclear if these features will be available at launch.

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