Starfield Will Have Todd Howard’s Favorite Speech Persuasion System

Starfield Already Passed 250,000 Lines of Dialogue

Starfield Game Director and Executive Producer gave fans some information regarding the game. According to him, the game will have more than four times as many of dialogue lines as Skyrim. 

“We have done a lot of different dialogue systems,” Howard said. “We have gone back to, I will call it a classic Bethesda-style dialogue.”

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Starfield players will be looking at their characters and observe how they emote. “There is a series of choices there,” Howard continued. “The scope of the game, the amount of content we are making, is a bit more than we have done before in terms of quests and things, the depth of some of this stuff with the dialogue.”

At the moment, Starfield is hovering approximately 252,953 lines of dialogue. This relatively dwarfs Skyrim’s 60,000 and also more than doubles the 111,000 lines of Fallout 4. “We just passed 250,00 lines,” he added. “So that is a lot of dialogue.”

“We have gone through it and the impact is really there,” he added. “That includes my favorite speech persuasion system.”

“It feels like it is part of the dialogue but you are spending points to persuade them,” he said. “It feels natural, not like I have entered some other mode where I am not doing regular dialogue and I am in this mode of persuading you to get what I want.”

The video of this speech system shows the game’s main character talking down a crew of treasure hunters. They are given four dialogue choices—each of them with different point values. They are all categorized by color to give some indication on how risky they are or how likely the players are to succeed.

Opting to go for the three-point option will give players three persuasion points in a bank. They can use their banked points on future dialogue choices to turn things in their favor or to get some type of reward.

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