FIFA 23 Has More Than 10 Million Players During Launch Week

FIFA 23 May Just Be the Biggest Launch Ever for Series

FIFA 23 has definitely set new records for EA. It is believed to be the biggest launch ever for the franchise with more than 10 million players during launch week. In fact, devs revealed that 10.3 million players from different parts of the world has played the game since its release.

Its predecessor amassed 9.1 million players in its launch period last year. With that said, FIFA 23 got an increase of more than a million for its player count. With that said, it is safe to conclude that the FIFA gaming brand is going out with a bang.

fifa 23 playable xbox month ahead of launch

Fans of the franchise are well aware that FIFA 23 is going to be the last entry in EA’s series to officially bear the FIFA branding and licensing. Starting next year and beyond, the gaming public can refer to the series as EA Sports FC. Fans of football gams are coming in bigger droves for the last official installment int he long-standing franchise.

Moreover, FIFA 23 is also a culmination of the faster style of play that the series cultivated over the past several entries. However, it will have a focus on defending and machine learning-backed enhancements. Plus, Team of the Week is still here to give Ultimate Team players a goal to work for every week.

EA pulls a roster of the best players from the previous week’s real-life football matches each week. They will then package the names into the Team of the Week. These player cards will get a boost in their Overall stats and will also be part of Squad Battles and Squad Building Challenges. With that said, FIFA 23 players can against the Team of the Week to get certain rewards. They can also take SBCs to get upgraded TOTW cards that will reportedly go for a fair bit on the transfer market.

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