FIFA 23 Is Bringing Back Hypermotion With an Upgrade

FIFA 23 Will Have Hypermotion2

EA Sports started the hype train for FIFA 23 earlier this week. They revealed some cover information on what would be their last installment for the franchise. The gaming public is already well aware that a rebrand is coming.

FIFA 23 devs have confirmed that they are bringing back an upgraded version of Hypermotion. They first introduced this particular technology in FIFA 22. They wanted to make use of machine learning to integrate new animations into the game. An upgraded Hypermotion feature will make gameplay a lot more realistic and fluid.

fifa 23 hypermotion upgrade

FIFA 23’s Hypermotion2 will come with new advancements that build off of the system of its predecessor. It has come to light, however, that this upgraded technology will only be available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC users.

The movement of players, as well as the whole team itself, are going to be more “responsive, smart, and authentic.” FIFA 23 players will notice this improvement whenever they are jockeying against a defender or attempting to win an aerial ball. There will also be a new intelligent dribbling system, acceleration mechanics, better transitions for shooting, and enhanced player awareness, among others. 

EA Sports confirmed on July 18th that PSG star Kylian Mbappe will be on the cover of the upcoming title. This will be the third consecutive year for the French sensation to grace the game’s cover. Furthermore, Sam Kerr, the Captain of the Australian women’s national team, will be on the cover of the Ultimate Edition. This is only fitting considering that devs are also adding new professional women’s soccer leagues to the game. This is reportedly going to be part of new licensing agreements.

Barclays Women’s Super League and Division 1 Arkema will be part of FIFA 23. According to devs, the game will feature more than 19,000 professional soccer players.

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