FIFA 23 Was Briefly Playable on Xbox a Month Ahead of Launch

FIFA 23 Was Accidentally Playable a Month Before Launch

Some FIFA 23 fans were able to enjoy the full game on their Xbox consoles a month ahead of its official release. Apparently, the full game accidentally became available to those who took part in the beta test. They were able to access the title, update it and preload the Ultimate Edition.

People somehow getting on FIFA 23 on Xbox already,” a fan wrote on social media. “Game is not even released yet and mistake #1 is here!”

fifa 23 playable xbox month ahead of launch

They then got access to all of FIFA 23’s modes, including FIFA Ultimate Team. As a result of this brief access, fans were able to view player ratings. They also saw some Liverpool and Burnley kits that devs have not yet announced to the gaming public.

FIFA 23 is due for release in late September. With that said, EA is reportedly going to ban anyone who is caught streaming the game. According to reports, they are also going to ban players who post game footages that show identifiable information such as account names.

At the moment, it remains unclear if EA is going to revoke access to the offline portion of the game from from the accounts of those who were able to access the game. It is worth noting that devs had already shut down online servers as their response to this leak. However, FIFA 23 fans can still access the offline modes such as kick-off and career.

FIFA 23 will be available to the gaming public on September 27th. Its full release is due on September 30th. This year’s installment of the franchise will feature a refreshed chemistry system, a wider and more inclusive representation of women’s football, and a new FUT Moments mode.

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