The Chant’s Latest Trailer Shows Off Features Ahead of November Launch

The Chant’s Latest Trailer Shows Off Features Ahead of November Launch

Prime Matter is a video game publisher that has released various titles such as Dolmen, Payday 3 and Kingdom: Come Deliverance. The publisher along with developer Brass Token have released an overview trailer for their upcoming horror-adventure game, The Chant. The game will release on November 3rd on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. In the trailer, viewers get a thorough look at the game’s mechanics including survival, action and exploration.

In the game, players hop into a third person single player experience where a group chant opens The Gloom, a dimension of terror that feeds of energy. Along the journey, players will be able to interact with various characters, engage in dialogue and untangle the mysteries of the island. Furthermore, to save the day, players must work to reverse the ritual and defeat the cult from the 1970s.

The Chant

In the lengthy overview trailer, the Creative Director of the Chant gives fans a thorough look at the game. The trailer shows off cool visuals as the game is set in the Pacific North-West at a retreat. The director then goes through various situations where the protagonist is able to explore the world, engage in combat and make tough decisions. Furthermore, players must be wary of decisions made as each one has consequences. Beyond that, players will be able to craft and manage their resources and control their Mind, Body and Spirit to fend off enemies.

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