Splatoon 3 Has Temporarily Disabled Rainmaker

Splatoon 3 Devs Will Bring Back Rainmaker “in the Near Future”

Splatoon 3 devs temporarily removed the Rainmaker ode because of an unfortunate glitch. The game’s recent 1.2.0 update brought a variety of quality of life changes to the game. However, it would seem that the update also caused some big problems for Rainmaker.

The Rainmaker mode is a game type that works pretty much like a hybrid of keep-away and capture the flag. Splatoon 3 teams will be carrying the titular Rainmaker statue toward the enemy base. As they do so, they get to earn points as they pass through checkpoints.

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Unfortunately, the glitch is causing the counter to go down to a single point upon touching a checkpoint. This negates all of the hard work that Splatoon 3 players put into the game by carrying the thing in the first place.

Nintendo has temporarily removed Rainmaker from rotation in Anarchy Battle because of a bu that can cause the counter to immediately go to 1 when touching a checkpoint,” devs wrote on social media. “An update will be released in the near future to fix this issue.”

Splatoon 3 fans are well aware that this is not the first time their favorite game had to contend with a troublesome glitch. Still, despite the bugs that came its way, the game has managed to maintain being a smash hit among gamers. In fact, 68% of all physical game sales in Japan for last month alone was for Splatoon 3.

There will also be a new trio of Amiibo figures that are coming to the game next month. A Small Fry, a Yellow Inkling, and a Blue Octoling will all be available to the game’s fans starting November 11th. This also happens to be the same day that the game’s next Splatfest is due to kick off.

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