Splatoon 3’s Overpowered Weapons Are Splatting Players Through Walls

Splatoon 3 Has OP Weapons

Splatoon 3 is having some glitches. At the moment, players who are using a Sloshing Machine or a Dynamo Roller get an advantage over their opponents. It would seem that both weapons are capable of splatting players through the map.

Splatoon 3 fans first noticed this with the Sloshing Machine. Some players got splatted out of nowhere. They only noticed a puddle of ink suddenly appearing where that particular player used to stand. To make matters worse, the Sloshing Machine is not only penetrating floors and ceilings. It has become apparent that they can leak through vertical surfaces such as the Splash Wall.

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Fans of the franchise are well aware that this wall is actually a support weapon that creates a protective barrier of its own ink. Unfortunately, it would seem that the ink absolutely seeps through the sheet and splats the player straight on.

As mentioned, the Dynamo Roller has a similar glitch. Players use this weapon to directly collide with enemies and surfaces. However, it also has the ability to fling some ink from a distance. Splatoon 3 fans recently observed that it is also capable of splatting enemies through the floor.

These two weapons are not meant to work in this manner. The game’s next update is due on September 30th. It is worth noting, however, that the splatting issue is not among the changes in the upcoming patch. With that said, fans are hopeful that Nintendo will be able to get around to it before the next Splatfest.

Thankfully, some fans came up with a main weapon tier list that can help in counteracting the currently overpowered Sloshing Machine and Dynamo Roller. The weapons may have some glitches, but they are not entirely unstoppable.

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