Splatoon 3 Will Have Cloud Saves But For ‘Offline Play Data Only’

Splatoon 3’s Cloud Save Compatibility Has a Catch

Splatoon 3 fans are glad to know that the game will be Save Data Cloud compatible. The bad news is that there is a catch. According to the fine print found at the bottom of the game’s official store listing, the feature will be available for “offline play data only.”

This suggests that Splatoon 3 players will be able to back up their data for all offline features that the game has. Presumably, this involves its new single player campaign Return of the Mammalians. With that said, it certainly seems like players will not be able to back up the progress they made in the game’s multiplayer mode to the cloud.

splatoon 3 cloud save compatible offline play

Furthermore, an NSO membership, as well as a Nintendo account, are necessary in order to access the game’s online features. “Internet access required for online features,” reads the footnote from Nintendo’s game page.

It remain unclear precisely how the data will be saved for Splatoon 3’s online components.

At the moment, Nintendo has not released an official announcement regarding online play cloud saves. However, from the looks of it, it seems that the feature will not be an option for Splatoon 3 in the near future.

Splatoon 2 was online-focused and did not support native cloud saves. This was the case even if players were a member of the Nintendo Switch Online Service. Devs purposely did this to make sure that players did not use the feature to cheat and abuse cloud saves.

It is still a major setback for a lot of fans wanting to play the game on their Nintendo Switch devices. Getting a new Switch unit means that all of their save data are not going to be accessible. This means they will have to start from scratch.

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