Overwatch 2 Halloween Event Has No Skins for Rewards

Overwatch 2 Fans Are Upset About Zero Free Skins From Halloween Event

Overwatch 2 just had its first Halloween event. It brings to the table a fresh new take on the Junkenstein’s Revenge mode, Wrath of the Bride. There are new themed skins for Junker Queen and Kiriko that fans of the franchise will most certainly enjoy. However, it has come to light that there is only one way for players to get their hands on these skins.

overwatch 2 lead hero designer left building

Apparently, the only way for Overwatch 2 players to get any of them is to pay upfront for them. This is clearly part of the game’s new free-to-play model. Instead of giving out random cosmetics through loot boxes, devs are letting players choose which skins they want to obtain.

Overall, Overwatch 2 fans think this is a good idea. However, the caveat is that they will have to fork over real world money. This is the part about the Halloween event that has hugely upset a lot of the franchise’s followers.

No skins as rewards for playing the Halloween event sucks,” one fan wrote on social media.

Event skins were the only thing keeping me playing over the last couple years,” wrote another. “I never missed a single one and it almost felt like an obligation to maintain my  streak after a while.” Now that there are no free skins via playthrough, many fans feel that there is “no point to the seasonal events now.”

However, it is important to note that players can avail of one Halloween skin for free. Sadly, it is an old skin from the first installment. Plus, players also will not be able to unlock it by playing through the game. Instead, they can get it as a Twitch Drop by watching certain Overwatch 2 streams for at least six hours.

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