Victoria 3 Embarks on a Revolutionary Adventure Today

A Story of Empire

It’s now time to lead your empire into the glorious future. Everything is on your shoulders. Will you be able to meet the needs of the populace? Or will you be engulfed in the fires of revolution? Today Paradox Interactive is happy to announce the release of their grand strategy simulation, Victoria 3. Of course, Victoria 3 provides an in-depth a socio-economic political simulation. A press release provides more details on the game. Additionally, the release trailer gives players a glimpse of what they can expect.

Victoria 3

Victoria 3 introduces players to the era of revolutionary advancements. Of course these advancements include new machines, expanding empires, and political endeavors. Playing as one of several empires during the time of 1836-1936 players will players will face the choices that will define their empire. Importantly each person is simulated. They each have different beliefs, jobs, political preferences. Maintaining a standard of living is of the utmost importance as the regent of the empire.  

Of course, players will be choosing from several prominent nations. For instance, Great Britain, Russia, China, or even Colonial Canada. Additionally, the choices of different empires provides differing play styles. Of course, this ensures infinite replayability. The choices are all yours. Ensure you’re making the right decisions to lead your empire to victory. Check out the release trailer below. 

Victoria 3 is available on PC via Steam today. Currently the game costs $59.99. So, will your nation stand the test of time? Or will you simply fall into the ashes of revolution, lost to time.