Redfall New Trailer Showcases Its ‘Creepiest Bloodsuckers’

Redfall Is Showing Off Its Bloodsuckers in a New Trailer

Redfall devs just shared a new trailer for the game. It is only a few days before Halloween night—which makes it the perfect time to release a new preview of “some of the game’s creepiest bloodsuckers.”

As seen in the video, Redfall players will be coming across the Angler. This particular monster will lash at everyone with its tentacle in order to drag them closer. The Watcher will vigilantly sit on top of roofs to watch over the movements of the entire team. A portion of the video shows a vampire flying through the air, as well as a variant that can slither right out of the ground.

redfall benefits open world gameplay

In addition to monstrous creatures, Redfall players will be crossing paths with the human members of a vampire cult. They can explore houses, go deeper into the woods, walk through fair grounds, and many more. There are also going to be discreet chapters that fans can visit one at a time. This way, they can play through the open world game at their own pace.

Players can play through each and every one of those chapters as a single player. However, it is worth noting that doing this may potentially get in the way of successfully linking up with others for a co-op Redfall gaming experience. After all, its co-op campaign will only progress for the host player. This indicates that those who are able to beat a later chapter in someone else’s host game will have to work their back to their own save file.

Some fans are not too happy about this feature. However, Arkane insists that each chapter tells a certain story in succession. With that said, they want players to actually enjoy the game’s backstory without its narrative being chopped up.

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