Overwatch 2 Is Giving Away Free Cosmetics & Double XP Weekends

Overwatch 2 Devs Are Giving Away Freebies As Compensation

Overwatch 2 had some trouble at launch. Players were constantly plagued with log-in issues and heroes were locked away for returning players. Plus, Bastion’s Ultimate also had an exploit that made it capable of carpet bombing the enemy team. 

Blizzard is well aware of these issues and have promised that they are hard at work at fixing the game. Now, they are giving away some freebies to fans while they wait for everything to get fixed. According to multiple reports, Overwatch 2 devs are giving away free cosmetics and double battle pass XP weekends as compensation.

overwatch 2 lead hero designer left building

Apparently, this is part of their initiative to apologize to the Overwatch 2 community for the game’s shortcomings. According to their announcement, all players who log into the game between October 25th and the end of Season One will get a Cursed Captain Legendary skin for Reaper. They will also get the Health Pack weapon charm.

Overwatch 2 players are going to get these gifts automatically when they play the game between the dates mentioned. There will also be multiple double XP weekends. Unfortunately, devs have not provided exact dates for this just yet.

It is also worth noting that playing the game during these times will allow players to progress through their battle pass more quickly. They can zip through the tiers much quicker, especially when combined with the 20% boost that they can get from the premium pass.

There has been a lot of improvement since Overwatch 2’s launch. Although there are still some issues, it is worth noting that the game now runs much more reliably than before. Devs will continue to work on fixing any bugs that are still present, including merging account issues and queues. 

This gesture may be small for some players. However, many are loving the fact that they are getting a Legendary skin that would only become available during the game’s upcoming Halloween event.

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