Overwatch 2’s Lucio Has New Skin That Makes Him Easy Prey

Overwatch 2’s Lucio Has a Skin That Makes Him Visible Through Walls

Overwatch 2’s launch was met with mixed reviews. The gaming public praised the popular FPS for its fast-paced gameplay. However, it has been plagued with a multitude of issues that have somewhat clouded its success in the gaming market.

Devs also dealt with some of the problems. Some are still in the process of being fixed. However, it has come to light that Overwatch 2 fans found yet another bug that devs need to address as soon as possible. Apparently, Lucio’s Snow Fox skin is making him visible through walls.

overwatch 2 lead hero designer left building

Overwatch 2 fans are well aware that Lucio has the ability to remain hidden around corners and evade enemy tracking. Sadly, his new skin has massively reduced this effect.

“I noticed that the enemy Lucio was visible through the walls,” one player wrote. “He used the Snow Fox skin and the weapon has smoke coming from it and it seems to be visible through the walls.” With that said, the said player is advising others not to use the skin due to its “positional disadvantage.”

These white wisps that is emitted my Lucio’s new skin may not be the most visible marker on the map. It is not as severe as seeing an entire outline through the wall. However, it is definitely not normal to see. It certainly puts the Overwatch 2 player using the skin at a disadvantage if they are trying to avoid detection.

A simple fix to this problem would be to not wear the skin at all. However, many Overwatch 2 players are annoyed that they should not wear a particular cosmetic just because it takes away their positional advantage or their ability to avoid being detected by their opponents.

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