No More Heroes 3 on PC Isn’t Its More Technically Advanced Version

No More Heroes 3’s PC Port Is Simply an Upgrade of Its Switch Version

No More Heroes 3 finally got ported to PC. Just last year, the gaming public saw its release on the Switch. Finally, it showed up on Steam yesterday. However, PC fans are not too excited about it.

Apparently, the No More Heroes 3 PC version is merely an upgraded port of its Switch version. This is not entirely a bad thing. However, fans of the game were expecting the shinier PS5 or Xbox Series X rerelease. It is worth noting that it does come with an uncapped frame rate. Still, fans who have long been waiting for its PC port were expecting its more technically advanced version. With that said, the game lacks the graphical improvements that are available on PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

no more heroes 3

The current-gen versions of the game have some visual bugs as well. According to multiple reports, there are graphical problems with when it comes to lighting and shadows. Ironically, however, these issues are not present in the game’s PC port. 

The No More Heroes 3 PC port may be a downgrade over its current-gen console counterpart based on reviews. Still, it may turn out to be more enjoyable. That is, until devs fix the graphical issues on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Furthermore, fans are also not too keen about the price that comes with it. No More Heroes 3 on PC costs $44.99. Fans believe that this is too hefty of a price for a title that may turn out to be a jank fest. It does feature a 10% discount. Still, fans think it is still a tad bit too costly.

The No More Heroes 3 community were relatively divided upon the game’s release. Some enjoyed its trashier elements and slapped-together vibe. On the other hand, some did not enjoy it at all and started to wonder why anyone would even want to play the game.

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