League of Legends May Be Much Easier to Play Now

League of Legends May Be Easier Soon

League of Legends just got tons of quality of life features. Riot wanted to test the realms that make the game more accessible and much easier to play. The franchise’s preseason patches are usually a bit wild. However, this year’s update includes a lot of features that seem to be a step in the studio’s attempts to provide a more welcoming experience. That is, should these changes go through to the live game.

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These League of Legends changes include indicators that show how far a jungle monster can chase a player before they reset back to their original position. It also includes a recommended route for jungle players to take when they explore the map. Additionally, there will be timers above vision wards that will show players when they expire, as well as recommended abilities and loadouts for the champions.

This is good news for League of Legends players since it gets rid f the guess work from playing a champion. They will no longer have to look for guides and memorize timers. Following this update, the game will now take care of this for the players. Now, they can focus on their priorities.

The game’s most ardent fans are worried about these changes. However, this is the natural evolution of the game. League of Legends has always been a dense and competitive game. With that said, it will always have a high barrier to entry. 

There are more than 160 champions with their own set of five unique skills and abilities. This is a lot of information for anyone to learn and retain. Long-term fans may already know the strengths and weaknesses of the marksman roster by heart. However, despite knowing all that, they may still not know jungle pathing or the timers.

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