League of Legends Reinforces Good Behavior With Exclusive Skin

Good League of Legends Players Get Rewards for Positive Behavior

League of Legends devs are doing their best to improve their community’s behavior. Riot Games is well aware that the LoL community is not really known for being reasonable and calm. 

Whenever you run into someone being disruptive, it does not matter to you if they behave well most of the time,” devs wrote. “Their behavior in that moment still ruins your game and that is what matters.”

league of legends reinforce good behavior exclusive skin

The data that Riot Games has gathered shows that only 5% of players are consistently disruptive. Although this is not much, 86% of the reports are against regular League of Legends players who “get tilted once in a while.” This suggests that “almost all reports are against the average player who usually behaves well.

To counter toxicity, League of Legends devs came up with a behavior system. However, instead of simply punishing toxic players, they are now also going to start rewarding good ones.

Devs first introduced Honor 2.0 back in 2018. They are updating the game’s Honor Level system to include bigger rewards. Examples of such would be an exclusive recall VFX and skin. This exclusive loot will only go to players who reach Honor Level 5. For League of Legends players to reach Honor Level 5, they need to consistently show good behavior. They must not get any negative reports and punishments.

We saw an incredible response from you all,” they wrote. “But we have failed to update it over the past few years and it has fallen short of your expectations.”

Another aspect that League of Legends devs are working on is in-game verbal abuse. “There are a number of exciting projects we are planning, including an upgrade to more advanced models to increase verbal abuse detections,” they added. “It is a widespread issue that often leads to other disruptive behaviors.”

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