Terra Invicta Comes Out of Hyperspace To Steam Early Access Today

The War for Earth Begins 

Earth is embroiled in war. It’s fate, and the fate of the solar system beyond, are in your hands. What choices will you make? Today Hooded Horse and Pavonis Interactive are happy to announce the Early Access release of their 4X Grand Strategy game, Terra Invicta. Placing players in control of one of seven factions vying for the future of Earth, Terra Invicta brings the war for Earth to Steam. A press release provides more details about the game. Additionally, the new release trailer provides a look at what players can expect from Terra Invicta. 

Terra Invicta

Terra Invicta introduces players to a solar system under invasion. Aliens have arrived and now, factions are emerging vying for control of Earth. Out of seven factions each will hold their own playstyle but importantly, their own attitude towards the alien invaders. Of course, depending on the faction players choose, they will shape the nations of Earth, taking control of the resources of the world and launching the human race into space. Exploring an ever-changing Solar System map, players will work towards the goals of their factions, design spaceships, and engage in real-time combat. 

Of course the new trailer gives players a look at the action to come. Additionally, the trailer provides a glimpse of the art style as well as the interfaces of various strategic screens.

Terra Invicta is out today on Steam Early Access. Currently the game is available for $39.99. So, are you ready to hold the fate of Earth, and the whole Solar System, in your hands?