Stellaris Toxoids Species Pack Out Today

Toxicity Arrives  

It’s time for the universe to get a lot more toxic. A new power is rising, and it isn’t the most pleasant neighbor. Today developer Paradox Interactive is happy to announce the release of the newest species pack for their grand strategy game Stellaris. The new pack, Toxoids, introduces a whole host of new content to the game. A press release provides more details about the species pack. Additionally, the release gives players an overview of the new species pack. 


Stellaris places players in command of their own intergalactic empire. Of course this means that players will control everything. From the military, to the economy, planets and more. Furthermore, players will be able to influence the very laws of their empire, down to the planet. Of course, the addition of the new species pack ensures that there will be even more ways to run your empire. 

The Toxoids expansion pack introduces a whole new type of species to play as. Importantly, the toxoids are highly adaptable and grow faster than most species. However, by their nature, they make life very unpleasant for their neighbors. Players can look forward to new civics, scavengers, new industry factions, and of course, new traits. All of this as you become the knightly order of a new toxic god rising from the depths. Of course, you can check out the toxoids in the release trailer for the species pack. 

The Toxoids Species Pack for Stellaris is out today on PC platforms. Stellaris is available on Steam. So, will you be joining the toxicity?