The 3 great online board games to have a good time

Quarantine time is board game time. If you’re not lucky enough to play with a family, you can keep yourself busy elsewhere. For example, with online board games. Some of these are available in multiplayer mode, so playing with friends is no problem. Whether alone or with friends, with online board games time flies by and board game skills are also improved. In this article, we present three of the best board games.

3. Pass the time with slot games

While not a board game per se, it is a game that promises pure excitement. Slot games are ideal for those looking for a game to play on their own. There are thousands of them on the World Wide Web. Players either play them on casino sites or enjoy a collection of free slots no download no registration on various platforms.

By the way, slot machines for free without registration are no less fun than when playing for real money. Some play for free for a while to test the game or develop a strategy. The transition to the game for real money is possible later. Among them are Book of Dead, Starburst, Mega Moolah, Bonanza and many others. As for slot machines, everyone can find the right genre. From explorer to fantasy.

2. Enjoy Monopoly online

There are two of you and you want to play a cool board game, but you don’t own one. No problem. Play a round of Monopoly directly on the World Wide Web. On the Web you will find a virtual game board, which can be started in multiplayer mode. It is designed for you to be in the same room and take turns making your moves. In Monopoly, players have to prove their business acumen by buying houses, renting them out and taking the last of the money from the other player’s pockets. It’s a fun game that sometimes lasts several hours and makes for heated tempers. If you don’t have a game partner, you can play directly against the computer. Either way, Monopoly means a lot of fun and a lot of excitement.

1. Learn, practice and improve your chess skills

Players can find not only Monopoly, but also different chess variants. If you want to get your brain cells in shape, you should play one of the best games in the world. Chess is challenging, chess is pure excitement and once you master it, you will experience joyful moments. Since it is a game where you can practice patience, it is the ideal board game for time in isolation. Even children can learn this game. A separate children’s chess teaches kids to play chess in a fun way. Adults also benefit from this version to help them get started.

Those who already know or want to perfect it, may choose between different versions. From chess multiplayer to flash chess. Of course, there are also variants that can be played together via the computer or directly on the screen if there are two of you in the apartment.


The current time is perfect for finding new favorite games. Even if family and friends are away, you can prepare for your next game nights. Either look for new games or improve your skills. Everything has its positives, and everyone should use them for themselves.

From classics like checkers or solitaire to modern board games. Bring more fun into your own four walls and enjoy the game.