Pikmin 4 Is Arriving in 2023

Pikmin 4 Has Finally Been Announced

Pikmin 4 is officially happening. Devs have made the official announcement that the game is due to launch in 2023. They shared this news with the gaming public at today’s Nintendo Direct event.

Unfortunately, Nintendo did not provide any specific information about when fans can expect the game. They only said that it is due for release sometime next year. However, fans of the franchise can expect a more precise launch date to arrive early next year.

pikmin 4 arriving 2023

Devs confirmed back in 2015 that the fourth installment of the franchise was already in active development. However, they did not share any further details about the project until E3 2017. Moreover, they only told the gaming community during the said event that the game was still in the works.

Basically, this is the first real Pikmin 4 update that its community has had. Fans are expecting devs to release a full gameplay trailer soon. Its gameplay will most likely align with the series’ previous installments. Players will have to carefully use their Pikmin for solving puzzles and defeating bosses. One of the bosses they will have to beat is Bulborb, which was showcased in the beginning of the Pikmin 4 teaser video.

Devs did not show any actual Pikmins in the trailer. With that said, fans cannot wait to see what Pikmin species are going to join the game. They are excited to see which particular hero will lead them throughout the game’s story line.

It has been more than a decade since the release of the last Pikmin title. For many fans, it has been far too long since they got the opportunity to play a complete game from the series. Apart from the trailer that showed a bit of gameplay, Pikmin 4 fans have yet to see more details about what they can expect at launch.

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