Check Out the Skills of Magik in the Latest Marvel’s Midnight Suns Trailer

Want to See a Trick?

The release of Marvel’s Midnight Suns inches closer and closer with each day. By the time it launches, we may very well have seen a trailer for each launch character. Today, we get to see Magik in action. She is wielder of the Soul Sword and ruler of Limbo.

If you are not familiar with Magik, here’s the low down. Illyana Rasputin is the younger sister of the X-Men’s Colossus. She is a powerful sorceress who can open portals between space and time. Magik rules over the demonic realm known as Limbo and has held the title of Sorceress Supreme.

Marvel's Midnight Suns

In the context of Marvel’s Midnight Suns gameplay, Magik uses her portal offensively. She can damage her enemies by sending and trapping them in Limbo. Opponents can be knocked through portals one at a time or pulled through in groups.

Magik also has a more sinister side to her called Darkchylde. This appears to be an ability players can use to boost Magik’s powers and strengths. The main villain of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Lilith is a powerful demonic character. No doubt that Magik’s abilities will be needed in the fight against her.

The trailer is short and sweet, so hopefully the best is left unseen. Other characters we have seen so far are Scarlet Witch, The Hunter, as well as Captain Marvel. Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be coming out on December 2nd for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The game has been delayed a couple of time already, but hopefully it comes out on time.

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