Arto, Colorful Action-RPG, Painting Steam in December

Coloring the World

It’s time to breathe some art back into the world. Are you ready to get get coloring? Today Gamera Games and OrionGames are happy to announce the release date for their upcoming action-RPG, Arto. Releasing on December 1st, 2022 Arto is bringing a grey world to life. Of course, players who can’t stand the wait can check out a free demo available now. A press release provides more details about the game. In addition the trailer from the Tokyo Games Show gives players a glimpse at what they can expect from this psychedelic action-RPG. 


Arto introduces players to a desaturated world, devoid of all color. Of course, it is the player’s job to bring color back to the world. On an adventure through these colorless lands players will use a variety of weapons to bring back some light. Importantly, Arto prides itself on its high tempo gameplay, requiring players to hone their skills with their weaponry and reaction speed.

The world of Arto will pit players against over thirty bosses. Each of these will have their own unique fights, with differing abilities, lore, and motivations. Additionally, the way the game unfolds is left up to the player. The choices you make will determine the ending you get. Of course, players can check out the game in the new trailer from the Tokyo Games Show. 

Arto is releasing on Steam on December 1st, 2022. Currently a free demo is available for those players that can’t wait to jump into the game. So, are you ready to bring the color back?