Gundam Evolution Is Coming to Steam Later This Month

Gundam Evolution Is Heading to Steam

Gundam Evolution is heading for a Steam release later this month. According to Bandai Namco, the free-to-play shooter is coming to Steam on September 22nd.

The game will still be set in the world of the widely popular mecha anime series. It will feature 12 playable mobile suits or mechs and 6v6 combat. It will also have three game modes that are going to be based on the game’s objectives.

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Gundam Evolution will launch with all of the equippable bells and whistles that fans of free-to-play shooters are already familiar with. Players can obtain skins for their mobile suits and weapons, pick up emotes, as well as deck themselves with different ornaments. They can do all of this when they proceed through the game’s seasonal battle passes.

It is going to launch in its Season 1 state. However, it is worth noting that devs will add more as the seasons progress. Examples of these add-ons are new mobile suits. Plus, devs are also going to further expand the original roster of 12 as time goes on. Players can buy new ones either with their Capital Points or their EVO Coins. They can get the former through gameplay, while they can obtain the latter with real world money. Gundam Evolution fans do not have to wait for too long for new suits since each season will last for approximately two months.

The gaming community may feel like today’s market has already hit the limit when it comes to hero shooters. However, the Gundam franchise is very popular, especially in Japan. With that said, players may want to enjoy the ability to pilot their own rock-em-sock-em robot. This may lure over more gamers.

Gundam Evolution is set to unlock on Steam on September 22nd at 3am UK time, 10pm EDT, and 7pm EST.

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