Babylon’s Fall Is Being Pulled From All Storefronts

Babylon’s Fall Is Ending Its Run Next Year

Babylon’s Fall is a live service game from Platinum Games. It has been in the gaming market for only six months—194 days, to be precise. Unfortunately, however, devs have decided to close the multiplayer action RPG’s doors early next year.

“It is with deep regret to inform you that we will be terminating the game’s service on February 27, 2023,” devs wrote. “As a result, we will also cancel the large scale updates that we had planned.”

babylon's fall pulled from all storefronts

Babylon’s Fall Season 2 will continue to run until November 29th. Fans can also expect the Final Season to begin with the scheduled maintenance that same day. It will run until servers terminate on February 27th. Players can use this period to earn Season 2’s ranking rewards.

Devs announced that they have decided to cancel any large scale updates for the game. However, they also said that they are planning to “implement as many events and other initiatives” towards the game’s termination next year. With that said, they are going to introduce the first of two new Very Hard duels in November. 

These new quests will pit Babylon’s Fall players against some very powerful bosses. They will have a face off against Zenon in November and Ereshkigal in January.

At the moment, Babylon’s Fall is still available for purchase on Steam. However, it will no longer be in the market after September 13th. Devs are thankful for fans who supported the game. However, they are still going to pull it from all storefronts. “Despite all of your support, we are truly sad and sorry to say that we will be unable to continue with the game’s live service,” they continued. “We hope you continue to enjoy playing Babylon’s Fall until the service ends.”

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