Babylon’s Fall Concurrent PC Player Count Dropped to One This Week

Babylon’s Fall Only Had One Concurrent Player This Week

Babylon’s Fall concurrent PC player count dropped to one for a brief moment this week. According to the data on Steam Charts, the game only had one single player on May 4th midnight. This is only two months after the Square Enix launched the game to the gaming market.

Since its release, Babylon’s Fall has had dwindling player counts on PC. Although the game is also playable on consoles, PC is apparently the only launch platform that has reliable tracking information.

babylon's fall concurrent pc player count dropped to one this week

It has become apparent to the gaming community that the online brawler has been unsuccessful in attracting more than 77 concurrent players this week. In fact, the Babylon’s Fall has only managed to average 64 concurrent players in the last 30 days. 

When Square Enix launched the game in March, multiple critics in the gaming industry widely panned it. According to Metacritic, Babylon’s Fall is by far the worst reviewed game on PS5. The review aggregator even went on to label it as the Worst Game of the Year.

Despite all the negative feedback and reviews that the game has been getting, PlatinumGames and Square Enix insist that the game is not in danger. The gaming community’s poor reception of the game encouraged the two studios to address their future plans regarding the title. 

According to the devs, they have absolutely “no plans to reduce the scale of development.” they even went on to say that development for the title’s second season is “practically complete.” They have also apparently also started on working on a third.

Still, Babylon’s Fall players continue to share their displeasure regarding the game. Some said that the game is the most perfect and best example of how devs should not launch a live service game.

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