2K Games Sounds the Alarm: “Don’t Trust Our Support Emails”

A Malicious User is Wearing 2K Games’ Digital Face

As of right now, the 2k Games support website (linked here) is closed to visitors. 2K Support emails have hit inboxes, and according to a keen-eyed fan with a bit of technical knowledge, links within contain malware. On Twitter, 2K Games’ support team has put out a statement, and the contents are dire.

The Twitter replies are full of users who were affected negatively by the data breach. The instructions from 2K are clear: for the time being, if you see an email from 2K support hit your inbox, do not open any links. Do not risk your computer. And if it’s too late for that step, run whatever antivirus you have on-hand, reset any browser-stored passwords, and enable multi-factor authentication wherever you can.

Right now, there hasn’t been any statement from 2K Games nor its support side, beyond this tweet. We do know that someone, somewhere, got access to something they really shouldn’t have. The emails come from a genuine 2K email address, it’s not being faked or replicated. It’s a real case of accounts getting compromised, but luckily the intrusion seems restricted to just email services. the rest of 2K is unharmed, and if that’s all you interact with from 2K, you have nothing to fear.

Any accounts you have with 2K are still safe. Unless you clicked on those email links, of course. Don’t click those.

With any luck, 2K Games will hopefully have the situation resolved soon.