Use Gameplay to Improve College Learning: How Computer Games Develop Students’ Skills

These days, education and training providers appreciate gameplay more as it can develop a wide variety of skills, particularly when teaching challenging students. Playing computer games is becoming recognized as an effective rehabilitation and therapeutic tool too.

Reading skill development 

Computer games engage the user in a wide range of cognitive skills. Most of them use text to describe new features and explain the rules. Some of them are even so wordy than others that if you use the right game, it can improve your reading skills. They can be a perfect substitute for books.

Reading enables the students to visually extract details from the book, control eye movements, and guide the attention system to acquire the text. Video games need to make quick decisions under pressure and switch between attentional states. It also requires them to maintain a long visual attention span.

The faculty exercises used in playing video games are the same as that of when reading. As college education involves a lot of reading, gameplay can enhance and improve reading abilities. Reading speed and accuracy can also be improved over time by playing the right video games.

In educational environments 

Playing video games is a great way to improve the learning abilities and problem-solving skills, and memory power of students. It also helps hone your power of concentration. These faculties of students are essential for the brain and will help them improve their academic studies.

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Retention of information 

The innovative and interesting game-based teaching method to transmit knowledge has many beneficial aspects. It brings life to learning and makes learning a thrilling and enjoyable experience. Students can retain information and assimilate boring lessons without noticing it. Students will soon start associating classrooms with fun paces.

Retaining information from the lessons learned in the previous class motivates the students to learn more. Some game plans make the students the main characters, who get rewarded with medals and bonuses. This captivates and maintains their interest, thereby enhancing the information-retention power. Students tend to remember them.

The key thing to consider here is to be cognizant of the fact that students are inspired and motivated to progress systematically. Therefore, it is crucial not to set difficult challenges. Otherwise, they will soon get bored, and it will be a matter of time before they start checking out. So, the key is to maintain their level of curiosity.

Improve financial literacy 

Most computer games have their currencies which are used to buy things such as potions and equipment, which is good. Students internalize the value of money through this mechanism. Video games that use currencies allow them to practice saving and earning without any real financial loss.

For example, in some video games, you can buy great loot, but you must pay a ridiculous amount of money. Players must earn and save up the money needed to purchase that loot. Games that involve such trading mechanisms will help them pick up financial skills that are applicable in the real world.

Strong contextual narrative 

Context helps students connect new information with what they already know. For example, we learn a new language using everyday topics such as family and hobbies. Otherwise, we would start by learning it from the first letter in a dictionary of that language to the last letter. But the right context makes it easier to learn a new language.

Video games are an excellent context that provides an engaging and strong narrative, triggering an emotion that makes it memorable. The narrative makes the player want to participate. Through episodic memories in video games, the player remembers concrete information, facts, and events.

If a narrative is used in the right context, it is like telling a story, and students are wired to relate to stories. A strong story is compelling. That is why it is increasingly used as a powerful tool in marketing, business, media, and politics. When teaching students, storytelling is crucial.


When it comes to college learning, we must learn everything at our disposal to enhance the learning process and make it as easy as possible. Gameplay is an excellent tool students can use to make their learning experience enjoyable and memorable.

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Mary Cardoza believes that the education system needs a big upgrade because the students are currently overburdened with academic assignments. She’s a professional writer who loves to extend a helping hand to students who need professional help to champ their academics and achieve higher grades or do well in their professional lives after college.