NetEase Acquires Developers Behind Heavy Rain And Beyond: Two Souls

NetEase Acquires Developers Behind Heavy Rain And Beyond: Two Souls

NetEase Games is a video game publisher and developer that has worked on popular PC and mobile games in the Asian market. The company also partners with Blizzard Entertainment and Mojang AB to assist their games in the Chinese market. Quantic Dream is a video game developer that has released titles such as Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human and Beyond: Two Souls. Today, NetEase has announced that it has acquired Quantic Dream.

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NetEase has confirmed that the company will continue to operate independently, focusing on video game creation and assisting third party developers. William Ding, CEO of NetEase, stated, “We are thrilled to embark on an exciting new stage of growth with Quantic Dream, bound by our shared vision, mutual trust and respect…NetEase will continue to fulfil our promise to support Quantic Dream to realise its full potential.”

Similarly, Quantic Dream’s CEO, David Cage, stated, “Today marks an important milestone for our studio after a quarter century of complete independence…It is a testimony to our continued commitment to reward all those who have made Quantic Dream the successful studio it is today.”

In the future, fans can look forward to Star Wars Eclipse from Quantic Dream. The developers unveiled the upcoming title at The Game Awards 2021 and it is a new action-adventure, AAA game set in the High Republic era of the iconic Star Wars world. The developers have confirmed that the game is currently in development and there is no set release date yet.

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