Ancient Weapon Holly Is Coming to Nintendo Switch Next Month

Enjoy the Intense Roguelike Action in Ancient Weapon Holly

The Japanese video game developer Acquire has announced that their new self-publishing title Ancient Weapon Holly is coming to Nintendo Switch Next Month. This brand-new dungeon crawler will launch on Nintendo Switch on 8 March 2024. Moreover, it is already available on PC via Steam along with a demo version as well.

Ancient Weapon Holly is an action roguelike dungeon crawler RPG. The story begins long ago when humans were still developing advanced civilizations and a war spread throughout the world. Among various weapons created at the time, an autonomous weapon resembling a young girl was completed. She could crack the earth like a whip, and demolish any building in her path. And her red eyes mercilessly killed people one after another.

The people named the girl “Holly”, and because of her overwhelming power, she was sealed deep within the earth. However, after thousands of years, she finally awakens from her slumber and swears vengeance upon all humanity. Even though her weapons have become less powerful, her vendetta against the world above has only begun.

Experience an amazing roguelike action where you protect your altar which is also the source of your power. Destroy various gates that is on your way and clear every stage. Evolve yourself using magic stones and expand the altar to enhance your strategies.

Key features:

– Intense combat.
– Strategic gameplay that lures enemies into pitfalls.
– Exhilarating action of burying enemies you’ve trapped in pitfalls.
– Holly’s evolution and unlocking altar functions lead to deeper strategies.

Just for reference, ACQUIRE is the team behind Octopath Traveler and its sequels alongside Square Enix. Some of their popular are Tenchu and Way of the Samurai series.