Flooded Is Out Now on Xbox and PlayStation Consoles

Survive the Ever-Rising Water Level in Flooded

Artificial Disasters, Storm Trident, and Forever Entertainment are proud to announce that Flooded is now available on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The standard price of the game is $12.99 / €12.99. However, players can purchase it right now with a 20% release discount on Xbox until 1 March. At the same time, PlayStation Plus members can also enjoy the same discount till 7 March.

Flooded is a reverse city-builder with real-time strategy, roguelite elements, and procedurally generated islands. Due to global warming, the water level has started to rise throughout the world. And all the remaining things on the surface are sinking swiftly. Now, together with a group of miners, your only goal is to find safe ground.

Act quickly before the land sinks entirely. Gather resources, build new structures, upgrade them, and find a way to escape the island. But be careful of the path because other survivors are not so friendly. To tackle them, you’ll need to build defensive structures, plant water mines, and raise turrets to keep your people safe.

Key features:

– Reverse city-builder with rogue-lite elements and procedurally generated islands.

– Campaign, Quickplay, and Endless game modes.

– Continuously shrinking land due to rising water levels.

– Resource gathering, building upgrades, and the development of new technologies.

– A variety of defensive structures to fend off hostile neighbors and pirates.

– Exploration of nearby islands with diverse biomes.

Flooded is also available on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam. There is even a demo version on the Nintendo Switch for everyone to try out.