Aircraft Carrier Survival Is Available on PlayStation and Xbox

Become the Best Commander of an Aircraft Carrier

Storm Trident, Forever Entertainment, and Creative Forge Games are proud to announce the release of Aircraft Carrier Survival on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Not only that, there is a 10% launch discount on both platforms until 14 December. However, for PlayStation users, this offer only applies to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Aircraft Carrier Survival is the perfect blend of a strategy game and a simulator. It takes place during the Pacific Theater of World War II. You will play as the commander of an aircraft carrier and try to fulfill all the responsibilities as the leader. Use strategic thinking to choose the right equipment, crews, and escorts for various missions.

Keep in mind that management is the key to executing all your plans. Your ship has many stations, so, assign your crews with a variety of works according to their capabilities. Got damaged? Don’t panic and let the damage control team handle it swiftly. Always try to stay composed to assess which threats need to be dealt with first.

Utilize maneuvers, aircraft, anti-aircraft turrets, and whatever else you can to survive the enemy attack. Retaliate and make sure they get a taste of their own medicine. So, are you ready to become the best commander of a massive vessel?

Key features:

– Unique mix of strategy and simulation games.
– Managing the warship.
– Making tough decisions.
– Side perspective view.

Aircraft Carrier Survival is already available on the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.