Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Launch Gets Delayed for a Second Time

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Release Pushed to Next Year

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has been delayed once again. Indie developer Team Reptile has just confirmed to the gaming public that they decided to delay its launch for a second time.

We are convinced that releasing the game this year will not take it to a level where we would be personally satisfied with,” the studio confirmed. The game was originally due for launch last year. Devs decided to push it to this year. Now, they are pushing it yet again to summer of 2023.

bomb rush cyberfunk delayed second time

“To create a fulfilling and unique game, we are extending the development time of Bomb Rush Cyberfunk to summer 2023,” devs continued. “But we will be dumping a lot more visuals this week to show how it is shaping up.”

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk sees players skating freely around its 3D world of graffiti-filled neighborhoods as they claim territories. Prior to the delay announcement, devs shared a GIF that showed off what players can do with their boost packs. With this particular item, players will have the ability to perform chain combos as well as a speed boost whenever they fly in style from higher ground.

Using their boost packs, players can do special Boost Tricks like this 1080 spin,” devs wrote as a caption to the clip. “If you land this into a manual, you can keep the combo going.” Apparently, when Bomb Rush Cyberfunk players come from higher ground and land into a manual, they get a speed boost.

The game has a soundtrack accompaniment from Hideki Naganuma. Some fans may recognize this name as the composer of its 2002 Xbox sequel Jet Set Radio Future.

It has been a while since Bomb Rush Cyberfunk heard any news about the game. The fans somewhat expected this considering that devs have been hard at work at Jet Set Radio Future’s spiritual successor. This is the biggest news update the community has received so far. Unfortunately, it was not the good news that they had hoped.

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