5-Part Documentary on Arcane’s Development Just Announced

Arcane Documentary Series Aims to Tell All

Arcane is, debatably, the best thing to ride across the video-games-to-TV/Movie bridge. Its launch was a wild success – not just in viewership, but also in ratings. The League of Legends spinoff is currently ranked #24 on IMDB’s “best shows of all time” list.

Now, Riot Games aims to capitalize on that success. On top of an upcoming second season, a 5-part documentary series will cover the show’s development from idea to artistic success.

The first episode of “Bridging the Rift” will release tomorrow – August 4th, 2022. From there, each week will see a new release, until the final 5th episode wraps it all up.

As you can expect, fans of Arcane are elated, glad to see a closer look at how Arcane was made.

I really enjoy behind the scenes of animations and here you can really see their passion and love for what they do. This is a great journey and I’m glad that I’m being part of it (not as a creator, but as someone who admires the MASTERPIECE they made).” Said one commenter, on the above video.

Arcane was a visual masterpiece which also managed to nail everything else, from story, to writing, sounds, and music. So you bet I’m excited for these Behind the Scenes!” Said another.

Over on other forums, the reception is similarly strong. Over on reddit, another commenter said: “Seems hype, I’m always happy for more Arcane content until s2 comes. Would love to see the bts on the music part of it, and the animation part of it specifically. It’s seems like a fairly lengthy 5 episodes, so they probably will cover those.”

Only time will tell if this series can live up to the hype. But if Arcane’s quality is any indication, we can expect a fun, insightful ride.