Dead Cells’ Enter The Panchaku Update Has Officially Released

Dead Cells’ Enter The Panchaku Update Has Officially Released

Motion Twin is an independent video game studio that has been working in the industry since 2001. In 2018, the developers released Dead Cells, its metroidvania hit on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Since then, they have released a ton of content for the game. Today, the developers have officially released the game’s latest update, Enter the Panchaku, which introduces a ton of fresh and cool content. Interested fans can get the game on PC via Steam at 40% today.

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In the latest update, the developers have reworked the game’s legendary systems and rebalanced various weapons and items. Additionally, players will be able to utilize pets, collect an outfit and weapon for their Soul Knight and enjoy the Panchaku and Bobby outfit. Moreover, Motion Twin has indicated that it plans to continue to work on Dead Cells for many years. Besides more content in both Fall and Winter 2022, fans can look forward to a lot of content in 2023.

In the game, players will be able to enjoy a mesh of metroidvania, roguelite and roguevania games. The mashup is the perfect mixture for those seeking a challenge and since there has been the release of various expansions, there is a ton of content to explore. Furthermore, players can navigate various levels using different weapons, skills and abilities while exploring secret rooms, passages and more.

In closing, Motion Twin hinted at the fact that they are working on some other title besides Dead Cells.

What are your thoughts on Dead Cells? Are you a fan of the game? Have you tried it since its release? Are you interested in the game’s latest update? What aspect of the update are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.