Tiny Teams Festival, Indie Game Celebration, Announces Its Return

Discover Some New Games 

Indie games offer many different experiences. Ranging across different genres, providing different stories, and beautiful gameplay, they are games and studios that deserve celebration. Today Yogscast is happy to announce that their indie game celebration, Tiny Teams Festival, will be returning. Making an appearance next week the Tiny Teams Festival is a chance to celebrate indie games and the people who make them. A press release provides more info about this year’s festival. Additionally, an announcement trailer provides further details about the event. 

Tiny Teams

“Tiny Teams was created to help smaller studios shine a spotlight on their amazing new games, while celebrating the incredible success achieved by some of the world’s smallest dev teams.” Says Alex Turner, Founder of Tiny Teams. 

Of course, the event features a whole host of indie games. This year will feature over one hundred different games. Importantly this year’s line-up will feature in a special Tiny Teams events hub on Steam. Furthermore, the Yogscast will be streaming a selection of the games live on Twitch. Of course a special Steam sale will give players exciting discounts off of a variety of Tiny Teams games.

“The response to this year’s event has been overwhelming, and it’s been a thrill to see some of the brilliant new games currently being developed by talented micro-studios. We can’t wait to celebrate their hard work with Tiny Teams next week.” Says Turner.

The Tiny Teams Festival will be taking place on August 1st-8th. Of course, this provides fans a week to check out some great indie titles. For more information fans can visit the Yogscast Website for the festival where they can also see the line-up.