Resident Evil Village DLC Trailer Shows Playable Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village Fans Are Excited to Play as Lady D

Resident Evil Village devs announced last month that a major update is coming to the game. The Winters’ Expansion will be bringing a new back story, third-person mode and The Mercenaries Additional Orders. This, in turn, will add three new playable characters—each having their own Mercenaries side missions.

Capcom just shared a new trailer for the game today. Fans were in a frenzy after finding out more details about how playing as Karl Heisenberg, Chris Redfield, or Lady Dimitrescu is going to work.

resident evil village dlc trailer playable lady dimitrescu

Lady Dimitrescu is the character that Resident Evil Village fans gravitated to the most. She will act like the mage. Players can use her talons for close range attacks. They can fill up her Thrill Gauge by continuing to kill things. She will be able to move faster once her Thrill Gauge is full. It will also give more damage to her talons. Plus, players can also make use of her ability to summon one of her ghastly daughters.

Playing as Chris Redfield, on the other hand, turns the game into a blood bath. He is a very aggressive character. Players can fill up his Onslaught Gauge by murdering enemies. Once the Onslaught Gauge is at its limit, players can enter Onslaught Mode. This means he will move faster, reload quicker, and any enemies that are in his way will die in a fraction of the time.

Karl Heisenberg’s play style is also very aggressive. Resident Evil Village players can use his electrified hammer to pulverize the undead. He can draw enemies nearer to him with his Magnetic Field ability so he can pummel them to death. He also has a Soldat Jet that works like a rocket launcher.

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