Overwatch 2 Wraps Up Beta With Fox Hero Teaser

Overwatch 2 Devs Tease Fox Hero Again

Another Overwatch 2 beta wrapped up on July 19th. However, devs shared an interesting bit just before it ended. Several eagle-eyed fans spotted a tease towards the end of the beta. Apparently, devs are working on a fox hero for the competitive shooter sequel.

Just before the beta ended, Overwatch 2 fans saw a mysterious message in the game chat. They then sent this message to a Base64 decoder and it returned the question, “What doe the fox say?” Fans are speculating that Blizzard used that particular wording on purpose.

overwatch 2 beta fox hero teaser

Overwatch 2 new hero support Fox?” as written on social media. “Nine-tailed fox.”

Longtime fans of the franchise are well aware that this is not the first time devs teased a fox for Overwatch 2. In fact, the release date trailer featured a shot of a fox spirit running through one of the maps. It starts darting towards some stairs and a number of ghostly Torii gates appear. 

There are four heroes behind the fox. Now that fans know the game will have a new team size of five players, they believe that the fifth player is going to be the fox itself. Devs revealed in the game’s first content road map that Season One is going to feature a trio of new heroes. Sojourn and Junker Queen are the first two. With that said, fans think the ghost fox is gong to be the third one.

There is only a few months left to confirm this. After all, Overwatch’s PvP is starting on October 4th with Season One beginning that same day. Season Two will introduce a new tank hero on December 6th. Moreover, devs also have planned a lot more throughout 2023. In fact, they already confirmed that the PvE portion of the game is arriving sometime next year.

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