Dreamloop Games Unveils Inescapable For Multiple Platforms

Dreamloop Games Unveils Inescapable For Multiple Platforms

Dreamloop Games is a multi-talented studio involved in development, co-development and video game porting. Aksys Games is a specialist at localization and the company has worked on various titles. Some of its games include Blazing Strike, Paradigm Paradox and Code Realize. The two companies have come together to announce Inescapable. It is a social thriller that will release on PC, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

In the game, players head to a tropical island resort where they take on the role of Harrison. On the island, there are no rules and there is no escape. Players must be able to deal with social issues, human nature and their own desires while maintaining good relationships and more. Also, the developers released a minute long announcement trailer for the game. In the trailer, fans got a first look at the game’s graphics, dialogue, characters and much more.

Additionally, Dreamloop’s CEO, Joni Lappalainen, stated, “We’ve spent the last few years honing our skills and storing up a lot of creative energy for Inescapable…Now, with Inescapable in development, we’re taking the first steps toward showing the world that we make great games with heart and teeth.”

Moreover, in the past, Dreamloop Games has been involved in the release of The Ascent, Imp of the Sun and Stardust Galaxy Warriors. Therefore, it is quite clear that the company is capable of releasing premium titles and fans can expect a lot of quality from Inescapable.

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